Kate in the cellar tiptoeing and kneeling on beans 1
Kate in the cellar tiptoeing and kneeling on beans 2

Kate again in the cellar. She stripped naked, her hands are bound together. The Master ties them to the high pipe. Barefoot girl has to tiptoe otherwise the rope hardly hurts her wrists. She spent some time in this uncomfortable pose. Then the Master comes and strews small round beans in front of the girl. He puts Kate on the beans on her kneels. The Master reduced a bit the tension of the rope so her hands are still pulled upward and tied to the same pipe. The beans mercilessly dig into her helpless kneels. Hard pain distorts the girl's face, she starts crying and moaning. Kate can't kneeling straight because of her raised tied hands. She has to move her kneels on the beans causing additional pain. This sophisticated #kneelingonpeas punishment lasted for a time then the Master untie the girl, she sits down on the floor showing her nice marked kneels.