Hogtie, foot tickling and bastinado for a hairy girl 1
Hogtie, foot tickling and bastinado for a hairy girl 2

Cute teen Lera again comes to the Act of Bondage club. The girl with unshaved armpits wearing shorts, socks and a top. Her Master decides to tie her up. He orders the girl to put her hands behind her head, the special pose for slaves, it is easier to tie a girl this wayand her sweet hairy armpits are open for eyes. The Master makes a chest harness, binds Lera's hands behind her back, puts the girl on the bed, ties her ankles together with her arms in a very strict hogtie. One rope passes through the girl's mouth as a gag. This can't down out the moaning. Just for show. The Master takes off Lera's socks opening her adorable sexy soles. Hard foot tickling starts. Lera is squirming and groans, she tries to hide her feet but she can't because of the tight bondage. And this is not enough for the Master. He takes a riding crop and whips her bare heels and arches. Lera screams more loudly in this hard bastinado action.