Waiting in the torture chamber

2017-12-27 Claudia 6:37 minutes Barefoot, Bondage
Waiting in the torture chamber 1
Waiting in the torture chamber 2

Claudia is taken to the dirty torture chamber stripped naked and tied to the X-cross. She is left like that for a long time. 

Vika in chains - photos

2017-12-27 Vika 59 images Barefoot, Bondage, Erotic Nude
Vika in chains - photos 0
Vika in chains - photos 1
Vika in chains - photos 2
Vika in chains - photos 3
Vika in chains - photos 4

Photos from the previous video. Naked Vika chained on the table.

Vika in chains

2017-12-27 Vika 6:18 minutes Barefoot, Bondage
Vika in chains 1
Vika in chains 2

Hot from the rope bondage Vika goes on her enjoying with chains. Laying on the table she moves like a cat showing her passion and desire. She is gagged but she even doesn't try to call for help. There are just quite screams of pleasure. At least she escapes.

Severe pussy torture - photos

2017-12-27 Claudia 99 images Barefoot, Bondage
Severe pussy torture - photos 0
Severe pussy torture - photos 1
Severe pussy torture - photos 2
Severe pussy torture - photos 3
Severe pussy torture - photos 4

Photos of nude Claudia tied up in tight bondage and suffering because of the rope between her legs rubbing her pussy.

Severe pussy torture

2017-12-27 Claudia 8:32 minutes Barefoot, Bondage
Severe pussy torture 1
Severe pussy torture 2

Nude Claudia is tightly bound, her hands are tied in a box, and the legs are frogtied. The rope brought between her legs extremely digs into her sweet pussy. Sitting on the sofa Claudia tries to get pleasure from the silk rope rubbing her clit and her pussy lips. But when she had to kneel and to lay on the floor she feels sharp pain in her body non-stop. It's a real torture. Enjoy the great dance of pain act by beautiful girl in bondage!