Soles writing torture for a hogtied girl 1
Soles writing torture for a hogtied girl 2

Bad girl Claudia is strictly punished again. She is tightly hogtied on the bed. Her ankles are bound together and tied up to the head with four ropes passing through her mouth. This severely restricts her ability to move. In such a position the Master caresses her, jerks the ropes she is tied with causing more pain. He starts to tickle her feet and to write on her poor bare soles with a ball-pen. The slave girl can't handle this torture, she starts screaming and crying in spite of the ropes in her mouth. Finally she has to kneel in front of her Master. Later Claudia would say us that the soles writing is really terrible. In the beginning it seems to be like tickling but then it is like a sharp needle scratching soles.


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Greta in snow bondage - photos 0
Greta in snow bondage - photos 1
Greta in snow bondage - photos 2
Greta in snow bondage - photos 3
Greta in snow bondage - photos 4

Naked and barefoot girl tied up on a cold winter day. A photoset from the two previous clips.

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Naked and barefoot Greta freezing in snow bondage 1
Naked and barefoot Greta freezing in snow bondage 2

Greta is still bound in the snow. She is totally restrained – her hands are bound behind her back, her legs are tied together. She is gagged so she can't scream for help. The most uncomfortable for her was to stand barefoot in the snow hurting her helpless soles. To get some warm she shuffles her feet and in a moment can't keep the balance and falls into the snow. From that moment not only her feet suffered but the body contacted with the snow. The Master puts her on her kneels. After that he binds her in a hogtie and throws down. She lays in the snow naked with her nice bare feet up and gagged mouth.

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Redhead beauty strips naked for bondage in the snow 1
Redhead beauty strips naked for bondage in the snow 2

We are going on with the winter bondage experiments. Greta is our next slave girl for the snow bondage. On a winter day the temperature was about +1C (33-34F) Greta is brought to the woods put out of the vehicle and ordered to strip naked. The girl does everything obediently because she is afraid of her Master who may become angry and punish her harder. The Master orders her to demonstrate herself to put hands behind her head, to stay straight or to kneel down in the snow. In such a way they spent some time and after that he starts to tie her up with ropes. Greta gets a chest harness with one of the ropes passed between her legs tightly pressing her sweet pussy. Then the Master binds her hands behind her back, legs and feet are bound together. All this time Greta stands naked and barefoot in the snow absolutely helpless. The snow hurts her bare soles without mercy. Greta is ordered to kneel down in front of her Master and he puts a gag into her mouth. Now his mission is accomplished, he tied her up naked in the snow and now enjoying of her moanings. To be continued...

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Kate Valentine's Day - photos 0
Kate Valentine's Day - photos 1
Kate Valentine's Day - photos 2
Kate Valentine's Day - photos 3
Kate Valentine's Day - photos 4

Photos from the previous video.

Petite blond Kate totally naked celebraites Valentine's day in tight bondage. She swings on a swing, lays hogtied. At the end her nice bare feet are tickled.