Soles writing torture for a hogtied girl 1
Soles writing torture for a hogtied girl 2

Bad girl Claudia is strictly punished again. She is tightly hogtied on the bed. Her ankles are bound together and tied up to the head with four ropes passing through her mouth. This severely restricts her ability to move. In such a position the Master caresses her, jerks the ropes she is tied with causing more pain. He starts to tickle her feet and to write on her poor bare soles with a ball-pen. The slave girl can't handle this torture, she starts screaming and crying in spite of the ropes in her mouth. Finally she has to kneel in front of her Master. Later Claudia would say us that the soles writing is really terrible. In the beginning it seems to be like tickling but then it is like a sharp needle scratching soles.


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