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Dear friends! We have now some collections with naked barefoot girls tied up outdoors in the snow. Check it out!

Snow bondage

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Bound for a snow torture. Part 1

2018-11-27 Claudia 9:53 minutes Barefoot, Bondage, Foot Torture
Bound for a snow torture. Part 1 1
Bound for a snow torture. Part 1 2

Claudia is tied after the party. She is having rest at home in her stockings and peignoir. When her Master saw it he decides to punish her. He bounds her wrinkles together and takes her to the forest. He takes her out of the car. Claudia is still with her arms in bondage and in stockings. First of all the Master takes off her stockings so she can feel the cold of snow directly with her bare soles. He ties her hands in an over-arm tie, makes a chest harness and ties her feet together. All this time Claudia is barefoot in the snow. To be continued...