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Dear friends! We have now some collections with naked barefoot girls tied up outdoors in the snow. Check it out!

Snow bondage

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Claudia's bastinado on the cross

2018-10-14 Claudia 11:45 minutes BDSM, Bastinado, Bondage
Claudia's bastinado on the cross 1
Claudia's bastinado on the cross 2

After hard nipples and tights torture beautiful Claudia is cuffed to the X-cross. Her face is turned to the cross, her back to the camera. One of her feet chained up to her buttocks for whipping. The Master comes up tj the girl and hardly whips her bare sole with a riding crop. Claudia is wriggling and moaning, tears flow down her sweet face. Then the second feet of the girl gets hard bastinado. And that is not all. To be continued...