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These bondage girls are available for custom shooting Claudia Lera Kate

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Redhead beauty strips naked for bondage in the snow 1
Redhead beauty strips naked for bondage in the snow 2

We are going on with the winter bondage experiments. Greta is our next slave girl for the snow bondage. On a winter day the temperature was about +1C (33-34F) Greta is brought to the woods put out of the vehicle and ordered to strip naked. The girl does everything obediently because she is afraid of her Master who may become angry and punish her harder. The Master orders her to demonstrate herself to put hands behind her head, to stay straight or to kneel down in the snow. In such a way they spent some time and after that he starts to tie her up with ropes. Greta gets a chest harness with one of the ropes passed between her legs tightly pressing her sweet pussy. Then the Master binds her hands behind her back, legs and feet are bound together. All this time Greta stands naked and barefoot in the snow absolutely helpless. The snow hurts her bare soles without mercy. Greta is ordered to kneel down in front of her Master and he puts a gag into her mouth. Now his mission is accomplished, he tied her up naked in the snow and now enjoying of her moanings. To be continued...

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Naked barefoot Claudia in snow bondage - photos 0
Naked barefoot Claudia in snow bondage - photos 1
Naked barefoot Claudia in snow bondage - photos 2
Naked barefoot Claudia in snow bondage - photos 3
Naked barefoot Claudia in snow bondage - photos 4

Severe Russian torture. Naked barefoot girl gets bondage on a cold winter day outside. Her hands are tied behind her back, her legs are bound together. Poor thing has to stand barefoot in snow extremely hurting her helpless soles. She gets different orders – to kneel down or to stand up when the Master decides to inflict additional pain to her feet. High resolution photo set.

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Claudia in snow bondage video here.

Naked barefoot Claudia tied up in cold winter snow 1
Naked barefoot Claudia tied up in cold winter snow 2

Claudia is guilty towards her Master so he decides to punish her but not as usual. On a cold January day she is taken outside and undressed for bondage. The Master orders Claudia to take off her shoes and socks and to stand barefoot in snow. Barely her foot touched the snow the icy chill severely hurts her. Claudia would like to run away but can she get far barefoot in the Russian winter? Next command – strip naked and stand straight with the hands behind your head! It is a nice pose for a slave, but Claudia doesn't stand right, she moves because of the snow mercilessly freezing her feet. Disappointed in her behavior the Master takes the ropes and bounds her wrists behind her back. He orders Claudia to kneel down. She is kneeling in front of him showing her sexy soles slightly snowed. Another command – stand up. The torturer ties her tights together so the ankles as well. He leaves her along tied up in the snow. What can she do? The snow extremely hurts her bare soles. She even can't drag her feet because of the bondage. The only salvation is to kneel down. So she is kneeling trembling with the cold and thinking of the way to be forgiven.

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