Hot girls in cold snow!  

Dear friends! We have now some collections with naked barefoot girls tied up outdoors in the snow. Check it out!

Snow bondage

And more #snowbondage staff is coming!


Stripped and tied Natali Part 2 1
Stripped and tied Natali Part 2 2

In the second part Natali already in bondage is tied up to the chair. The Master tortures her nipples and tickles her bare soles. The girl would like to scream but she can't because of the gag in her mouth.

Claudia tortured on the cross 1
Claudia tortured on the cross 2

Nice short hair girl Claudia is stripped naked and cuffed to the X-cross. The gagged girl wriggles and moans. Her Master comes up to her and squishes her nipples. Then he puts clothespins on her nipples, pussy lips and clitoris. Claudia screams of pain with the tears rolling down her cheeks. The Master tortures the girl pulling the clothespins on the sensitive places of her body. He strictly whips her sweet tights with a riding crop. To be continued...

Natali in hard bondage. Part 1 1
Natali in hard bondage. Part 1 2

Redhead barefoot girl Natali stands in front of her Master wearing shorts and a T-shirt. The Master orders the girl to put her hands behind her head. He ties a rope around her belly passes it between her legs, bounds her chest. Then the Master says Natali to lower her hands. He ties girls's wrists tightly so she screams of pain. She is begging him to weaken the bondage but he puts a ball-gag in her mouth and starts to bound her legs. Natali cries and moans. To be continued.